Holiday Release 2016 Part 1 – Stuff we Make

I can’t believe this year has gone by this quickly. At the beginning of the year I told myself that I would really hard to stay on a retail calendar and have my holiday cards ready by the summer this year. But nope. Life got in the way again. So here I am, releasing them now that the summer is come and gone lol!

The holidays are my favorite time of year. No matter how old I get I try to keep it just as magical as my parents made it for me growing up. It was the perfect balance of twinkle lights, gifts, Santa, family, friends, and the whole reason for the season – the birth of our Lord. I never realized that getting older would make it more difficult to keep the magic alive. What with angry shoppers, people stealing your parking spots at the mall, working extra hard and some times longer hours, putting up the Christmas lights ourselves, digging through the garage to grab the dusty ornaments and decorations, and the stress of finding people the perfect gift. You can’t really be surprised that the spark of Christmas spirit isn’t as bright compared to when I was a kid. But nonetheless, I’m always determined to make Christmas as special as I can. 🙂

I’m really excited to share the holiday card designs for this year! For the next 3 weeks I’ll be releasing the different designs we have for this year’s Holiday line. Starting with these 2 bad boys.

Both cards are available in single cards and boxed sets. They’re available in our shop now and are 25% off until September 30th, no promo code needed. 🙂



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